Interview of Kurunegala Riot 2019 Victim Mohamed Ajmal, the son of whom was killed in order to suppress an eyewitness of broken and burnt front house belonging to his neighbor from Kottramulla, Kurunagala District

Summary interpretation of the interview
We all members were at home and could hear notices breaking something near. My father went out to see what was happening. A few minutes later, my father returned, asked us to take care and went again out. Suddenly, a crowed entered our house forcefully and broke everything, including, our vehicle, a lorry and burned the lorry. After the mobs left I came out and could see my father was lying on the road in front of the house. He had many knife cuts on his face and his face was full of varnish. My mother shouted, seeing his condition and then few Muslim youngsters came to help us. We took my father on the partially burnt lorry to the hospital and admitted.