Interview of Kurunegala Riot 2019 Victim Mohamed Sirajdeen, Owner of a business building complex and owner of a bookshop plus communication established to serve the student community of the village regardless of ethnicity or religion from Thorakotuwa, Kurunagala District.

Summary interpretation of the interview
I could not believe it. We were sharing lots of things and we the Muslims and the Sinhalese used to eat at one boutique here. It is nothing else other than the drudgery of the local politicians. Politician were behind the scenario. The whole community should not be punished for a heinous act of one person. I lost LKR 4 Million and expect the government to compensate the same amount in order to renovate and restart the business. I haven’t insured my property, but in the future, I have to do. We need to reestablish peace amongst the communities here, but it has to come from the politicians as they are the culprits.