FIMA President Prof. Dr. M. İhsan Karaman explained that FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations), which has member IMAs in 50 different countries from the USA to South Africa, reacted to the practice of cremating covid-19 dead bodies of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Noting that they took action immediately upon the news that came to them from Sri Lankan Muslim community, Karaman said, “The Muslims in the country asked us to take this action. ‘As doctors from all over the world, support us sending appeal to our government and explaining that this is wrong.”

Prof. Dr. Karaman reminded that they sent a kind, diplomatic and scientific letter to the Sri Lankan government in April, which included both scientific and religious aspects of this action, and said:
“In the letter, we stated that there is no danger and risk in terms of medical and public health issues in the burial of the deads with covid-19; there are statements by the scientific authorities like WHO, CDC or ECDC in this direction and according to the religion of Islam, cremation of the dead is not permissible. And we request you to review your general decision and allow people to carry out their final duties according to their culture, religion and tradition. ”  Expressing that they learned that the practice of cremation, which was lifted for Muslims for a short time, started again 2 months ago, Karaman said that they, as FIMA, are preparing to send a new letter to the Sri Lankan government.