People’s Rights Group (PRG Sri Lanka) is a rights based advocacy and lobbying group based in the UK, formed with the purpose of addressing issues and supporting victims of human rights violations. It focuses on violations arising from hate speech/crimes, violence, discrimination, harassment, bigotry, and double standards. PRG Sri Lanka pays special attention to the rising trend of human rights violations against minorities and vulnerable groups and the climate of impunity created by governmental action, inaction and complicity and the rising Islamophobia.. Read More

Become a Volunteer/Affiliate

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, join us to work together to uphold human rights in Sri Lanka. You can give a few hours or a few days of your time to help our projects, we are hugely appreciative of any effort to support us. Tell us what you can offer and we will match you to a task that suits your skills and expertise that you can take pride in.


As an independent human rights group, PRG relies on the support of people and organisations who want to ensure human rights in Sri Lanka are respected, protected and fulfilled. PRG’s friends are vital in helping us achieve our mission to bring human rights to life across the Sri Lanka, providing us with regular independent sources of funding.

Send us Evidence

Contact us if you have evidence of hate speech, hate crimes, violence, discrimination, harassment, bigotry or double standards against anyone in Sri Lankan committed by any party on grounds of race, ethnicity or religion. We will verify and report it to relevant actors in Sri Lanka and overseas for appropriate action.