People’s Rights Group (PRG Sri Lanka) is a rights based advocacy and lobbying group based in the UK, formed with the purpose of addressing issues and supporting victims of human rights violations. It focuses on violations arising from hate speech/crimes, violence, discrimination, harassment, bigotry, and double standards. PRG pays special attention to the rising trend of human rights violations against minorities and vulnerable groups and the climate of impunity that has been created by governmental action, inaction and complicity and by the rising Islamophobia.

PRG is managed and administered by a core group of intellectuals and professionals from across the world with the required knowledge, competencies and skills in human rights and advocacy.

PRG is guided in its activities by the principles of do no harm, independence, impartiality, objectivity, discretion, transparency, confidentiality, integrity and professionalism. PRG shall endeavour to achieve its objectives through a diverse range of activities and approaches including:

  • Encouraging and facilitating reporting of HR violations
  • Methodical and evidence-based human rights monitoring, documentation in various formats such as audio, video, written and verbal upon verification
  • Disseminating, highlighting, and raising issues in appropriate forums
  • Addressing and advocating on HR issues, with authorities, government agencies, international HR bodies and other relevant stakeholders with a view to preventing and responding to violations and remediation of victims
  • Pursuing justice for victims, and promoting settlement, resolution and reconciliation
  • Pursuing legal action against human rights violations where necessary
  • Partnering and entering into alliances with other organizations with similar purpose and objectives, and
  • Any other actions deemed necessary to achieve its purpose

People’s Rights Group is a non-profit company registered in England and Wales.